Parish Boundary Review


de Barnes


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A Possible Future for Catherine de Barnes ?


At present, the village of Catherine de Barnes is split between the Hampton in Arden Parish Council area (polling district BH06) and the unparished area to the west of the Grand Union Canal (polling district BH07). See map link here.

To promote better community cohesion and more effective local government, we are asking for a redrawing of the boundary so that the whole of the village of Catherine de Barnes is within the parish of Hampton in Arden.

Following the end of the first consultation on the Terms of Reference, SMBC have now prepared draft proposals which were presented to and approved by the Governance Committee on the 18th January. A new consultation was launched on 31st January.
The consultation takes the form of 3 questions/proposals.
The Council received 80 responses to the last consultation and 90% supported the Terms of Reference. Residents can view the full report following the last consultation at
then browse meeting agendas and click on 18th January date.

In the event that the Review is ultimately successful in achieving the boundary extension and Catherine de Barnes becomes part of an enlarged Hampton Parish we take this opportunity of reminding residents of ward BH07 that the Parish Council is financed by a precept amounting to 60p per week for a Band D property ( which is paid annually with your Council Tax).

The Council is keen for the outcome of this Review to encompass the broadly held views of the residents of the affected areas. If you have a clear interest in this review or are impacted by its outcome as a resident, SMBC would like to hear your views and invite submissions and comments in response to the questions posed by the deadline of 15th April 2018. Please use this link, and click on "submit your views" and read the questions which take only minutes to answer.

Why is this important?
The current parish boundaries were drawn up long before the settlement of Catherine de Barnes grew into the village we now know. The separation between the parish of Hampton in Arden and the unparished area is now outdated, and no longer reflects the community. It means that some residents living in the village do not have a say on Hampton in Arden Parish Council because they live outside the area. In other words, the current community governance arrangements hinder effective local government.
The proposal will unify the village and its representation through Hampton in Arden Parish Council. The Parish Council is a Statutory Consultee on all planning and development matters with the Local Authority. Parish Councils are funded by a precept charge which currently amounts to just over 60p per week for a Band D property.
The increased devolution of powers and responsibilities for some local services falls to Parish Councils and this is reflected in the recently adopted Hampton-in-Arden Neighbourhood Plan, within which only part of Catherine de Barnes is included. The proposal seeks to rectify this. A Neighbourhood Plan(NP) enables the local community to have a significant input as to how that Community develops which Local Authorities are required to take into account when considering any development in that locality .
In the event that our proposal is successful there would an Addendum to the Hampton NP to incorporate the newly parished area into the Plan.
If adopted, we would like to see the new parish warded and one additional Parish Councillor elected to represent a new Catherine de Barnes ward.

The above recommendation will, improve community engagement,bring communities closer together,create better local democracy and result in more efficient delivery of local services.

We have, therefore, asked Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council to undertake a community governance review to ensure that community governance arrangements reflect local identities and facilitate effective and convenient local government. A petition was successfully signed by enough electors within the polling districts BH06 and BH07 and this has triggered a Review under the Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007. The next step is for SMBC to consult the residents of both wards as to their views and come to a decision as to whether or not to proceed with the proposal.