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Parish Boundary Review

A Possible Future for Catherine de Barnes ?

 PARISH BOUNDARY REVIEW - summary, June 2018

How did it come about ?

In September 2017, Hampton in Arden Parish Council agreed to request from Catherine de Barnes Residents Association  to initiate a process called a Community Governance( Boundary ) Review to consider bringing the unparished area of C de B into the Parish of Hampton.  After consultation with SMBC the area to be incorporated is known as ward BH07 (see map )


Why did C de B Residents’ Association want to do this? 

i)It will unify the village. The section East of the canal is already within the existing Parish.

ii)It will enable more effective local government.


If successful, what changes can be expected?

i) The Parish would be split into 2 wards – Hampton in Arden and Catherine de Barnes.

ii) Each ward would have its own councillors on the Parish Council. Eight for Hampton in Arden   and four for C de B totalling a maximum of 12. Currently the PC has 1 councillor from C de B.

iii) A Precept will be paid by residents of the currently unparished area.

iv) The Parish Council would see an increase in income from the additional precept.

v) The Parish Council is likely to see an increase in workload .



1) Last consultation ended on 15th April, 2018. SMBC are currently reviewing responses and the final proposal will be put to the Governance Committee on 27th June.

2) The last consultation on the final proposal will be published in July 2018 for responses by the end of August 2018.

3) The Governance Committee will make final recommendations in September 2018 for final approval by the Full Council in October 2018.

4) If approved, the final reorganisation order will be published at the end of October 2018

5) Any changes will become effective in April 2019








map of polling districts