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Village Hall comp 2015

Catney Common Update

Chris Boxall reports:
The first working party on our Common was held on Saturday morning 10 Dec 2011. The objective was to start clearing the area called The Entanglement, just past the boardwalk. As the photos show the area began as a tangle of saplings, small trees, nettles, holly and brambles and ended pristine, with a brand new hedge. The work party included Chris Parker, our SMBC Neighbourhood Coordinator, the Hoggs, the Jervises (+ Stephie), Sheila Shand, Viv Dobson and myself. The project is being done in conjunction with Hampton Parish Council which was represented by the Lewises. Gil Lewis is the Parish Chairman. The clever bit was to make a hedge out of the cuttings, following the design of Ray Parker, also of Hampton Parish. This creates an attractive barrier and fauna habitat.

Three further working mornings have made a significant improvement to The Entanglement as can be seen on the two most recent photos. With the combined efforts of Hampton Parish, SMBC and Catney Residents' Association there is now very real progress on the Common, and more will be done in the coming months. Thank you to everyone who has helped.

Go and have a look at what has been achieved, and if you have any ideas about how the Common can be developed please do drop Frances Cook, our secretary, a line on